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In March 2023 Nicolette Naylor set up her own consulting business, founded on her core beliefs and values at the intersection of justice, philanthropy, and feminism. The birth of Ubuntu Global Philanthropy & Gender Justice Consulting (Pty) Ltd gives effect to Nicolette’s belief that social justice work and the philanthropy that drives this work needs to be fundamentally overhauled to give effect to principles of love, respect, trust, and connection.


As a senior philanthropy advisor, she has published extensively on the transformative potential of philanthropy where she has advocated for the practice of philanthropy to be rooted in the spirit of ‘ubuntu’ meaning “I am, because you are.”  Ubuntu is about connection and mutuality where our purpose is rooted in justice. Ubuntu, in the context of social justice and philanthropy, asks us to move away from a primary focus on money and the transactional nature of social change and to move towards building deeper relationships and connections between people and communities, where we place our trust in the power and agency of people closest to the problems to bring about social change – where our practice at its core is about the love of humanity.

In this scenario power and privilege is replaced with trust, accountability, and connection with an over-riding mandate to ‘bend the arc of justice’.


For more than two decades Nicolette has been leading work in civil society and philanthropy spaces where she has learnt many lessons as an activist, global leader, and Pan African feminist working within the corridors of social justice organizations. Her new business brings this rich experience together in a powerful way. She is a highly skilled, purpose-driven leader who believes in the power of collective solidarity and building bridges between and amongst stakeholders who do not ordinarily work together, such as, civil society, feminists, social movements, artists, governments, foundations, the private sector, and multilateral institutions.   She supports several global foundations and institutions in their quest to improve the practice of philanthropy and social justice in ways that are truly transformative.  As an innovative strategist and global leader, she offers advice and support to senior leaders and executives within civil society and philanthropic organizations at the strategic, programmatic and operational levels.

“Money - when moved right, with love, care, and political intention, suddenly becomes a portal into another kind of existence.”

- Arundhati Roy 

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re-imagining philanthropy

  • Senior Philanthropy Advisor 

  • Program Planning & Strategy Development

  • Collaborative Philanthropic Funds & Donor Advised Funds

  • Partnerships with multilateral institutions and governments

  • Corporate philanthropy


  • Gender & Racial Justice

  • Collective healing 

  • Feminist Movement Support (GBV, SRHR, Economic Justice, Land & Extractivism)

  • Research & Policy Advocacy

  • Building bridges and diverse partnerships / alliances across a global network

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Nicolette visiting with grantee partner (SEWA) of Ford in Gujarat, India_edited.jpg


  • People & culture management strategies (DEI)

  • Mentoring leaders in social justice, feminist & philanthropy spaces

  • Learning & Evaluation

  • Fundraising, Financial Sustainability & Resilience 

  • Board Governance

Contact Nicolette today if you're looking for an experienced consultant to help you achieve your goals.

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